A Paleo Diet

What in the world is the “paleo diet”? Some folks call it the “caveman diet”, “stone age diet” and anything else that is in reference to what we believe the diet of the early man.  This is from the “Paleolithic” period about two and a half million years ago, it was about the time than “humanoids” began to use tools.

As cavemen we have kind of fallen off the wagon. The paleo diet is made up of what our ancient relatives could hunt and gather. We are told that at this time there really weren’t “farms”.  People would wander around and find their food or hunt it down.  There weren’t a lot of weapons, at that time, so there was a lot more skill required to kill the food.

Here are the basics of the Paleo Diet:

Go foods are spices, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, healthy fats, and oils.

No go foods are things like trans fats and margarine, processed foods, soft drinks, grains, most dairy stuff, legumes, anything artificial, specifically sweeteners, and vegetable oils.

Just as a side note, I lost nearly 60 pounds when I stopped eating the U.S.A. average sugar consumption of 150 to 170 pounds per year. You don’t have to never have anything sweet again, just be smart about it.  There are a lot of natural sweeteners such as stevia and powdered monk fruit sweetener which are sugar replacements that won’t spike your blood sugar if you are diabetic.  I really don’t miss sugar, not one bit.

These are general rules of what to eat and what to avoid but dig in sign up for our newsletter and take a  look around at what we have to offer.

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